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Beijing HONKON Technologies Co., Ltd.

HONKON, a global leading innovator of medical and aesthetic advanced laser and related technology, was established since 1998;

HONKON, focusing on the R & D, production, marketing, service and intelligence, is a global leading artificial intelligence medical and aesthetic solution supplier.

As a leading supplier of medical and aesthetic solutions in the industry, HONKON provides highly competitive solutions and services for medical and aesthetic clinics, beauty institutions and end customers to help our clients succeed in the field of medical beauty. It has established a good reputation and brand awareness in the international and domestic medical and aesthetic industry.

Our strength

Today, HONKON has completed the layout of the whole industrial chain integrating photoelectric beauty and  health device R & D industry, intelligent devices production industry, medical aesthetic marketing industry, medical aesthetic after-sales service industry, medical aesthetic service clinic industry, medical aesthetic education industry, medical aesthetic decoration design industry, medical aesthetic platform operation industry, medical aesthetic laser postoperative care industry, forming a strong core competitiveness and competitive barriers.

Beijing HONKON Technologies Co., Ltd.

Best supplier

In the future, HONKON will further transform into an Internet enterprise in the whole industrial chain of medical and aesthetic, which is  integrating artificial intelligence medical and aesthetic solution supplier, artificial intelligence sub-health management and other departments, intelligent manufacturing factory solution service provider.

Company culture

Beijing HONKON Technologies Co., Ltd. takes the "hyperbolic strategy" of Medical Beauty Photoelectric Center 3.0 and Rehabilitation and Beauty Management Center 3.0 as the direction, empowers the global beauty stores, so that the beauty industry can go out of the red sea of the beauty industry, reverse its business difficulties and step into the blue ocean of rehabilitation and beauty market. The beauty of science and technology, nature and health are ture beauty! Strive to create a quiet, comfortable and pleasant advanced experience!


Let people all over the world be beautiful and affordable


Build a global leading blockchain, artificial intelligence, big database driving medical, aesthetic and related health Industry Ecology


Honesty and integrity;Deny yourself in the past and embrace yourself in the future;
customer obsession;people oriented;
Innovation; Altruism and win-win

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