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980KL Vascular lesions removal laser

Short Description:

•Facial & Spider veins
•Leg veins
•Varicose Veins
•Cherry angiomas

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•High efficient, 980nm wavelength laser will be highly absorbed by hemoglobin .
•Safety, the non-invasive and extremely small laser beam emitted by fibre will only work on the angiotelectasis, avoid the surrounding area .
•Fast speed, consistant mode and pulse mode are optional.
•Low cost to deliver and move, the compact design will save the shipment fee and easy to move.
•Aiming beam will help doctors and operators to target the angiotelectasis precisely.


Model: 980kl
Wavelenath: 980nm
Pulse width: 15-300ms
Pulse Delay: 50us-30s
Output way: Fiber
Working Mode: CW & QCW
Voltage: AC100-240V/50HZ. 60Hz
Vaginal Tip: YES NO
Laser Power: 30W 10W
Dimension: 49*35*54cm3 49*35*54cm3
Weight: 12kg 12kg

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