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Do you know what skin problems can be solved by fractional laser?

Everyone is no stranger to the project of fractional laser
Speaking of fractional laser
As you can imagine, there may be
Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, collagen cultivation, scar removal
,and so on.
Why the fractional laser is so amazing?
What skin problems can fractional laser treat?

Do you know what skin problems can be solved by fractional laser?

Fractional laser is a relatively new medical optical skin beauty concept. It changes the emission mode of light and is a minimally invasive treatment between invasive and non-invasive.
To put it simply,  working principle of fractional laser treatment is that the laser create tiny pores on the skin evenly, which in turn causes a series of subsequent skin reactions to achieve the effects of eliminating scars, firming, rejuvenating and removing pigmentation spots.

The fractional laser can emit 50μm-80μm focal spots through the high focusing mirror, and scan these focal spots into up to 6 kinds of rectangular patterns (circle, square, rectangle, diamond, triangle, line), which are suitable for Operation for different parts and skin types.
Classification of fractional lasers
CO2 fractional laser
Fractional lasers are generally divided into two categories: non-ablative fractional lasers and ablative fractional lasers.
Ablative fractional lasers: (vaporization type) 2940nm erbium laser, 10600nm CO2 laser;
Non-stripping lattice laser: ( non-vaporization type) commonly used near-infrared lasers of 1400nm-2000nm such as 1450nm, 1550nm, 1560nm;
Combined wavelength fractional laser: In order to enhance the curative effect, two wavelengths are sometimes combined and emitted sequentially.

What diseases fractional laser can treat?
Fractional laser has strong thermal stimulation in the skin, and there are many extended applications for skin problems. Therefore, it can effectively solve the following problems:
1) Atrophic scars;
2) Slight hyperplastic scars;
3) stretch marks;
4) Hormone-dependent dermatitis;
5) acne;
6) Oil control, shrink pores;
7) Pigmented nevus;
8) Senile plaques, flat warts,  fat granules, etc.;

What Beijing HONKON company have?
Beijing HONKON company focus CO2 fractional laser 24 years, now we have many different laser power fractional laser, like 30 watts,50 watts, 60 watts,80 watts, and so on.The classical one the model is SM10600KKLb, we have many distributors in different countries, such as Indonesia, Thailand, America and Russia. Now we are still looking for partners in others countries, please contact with me.

Post time: Apr-11-2022