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The of the team and the sense of mission to provide customers with the most suitable laser equipment

“Every employee of Honkon Company pursues not only the performance, but also the sense of honor of the team and the sense of mission to provide customers with the most suitable laser equipment.”


In this 24th HONKON anniversary celebration promotion, it has been fully reflected


July 29, 2022, is the annual anniversary celebration of honkon company.  

As always, we decorate the office with colorful lights and a lively atmosphere, striving to inform every customer from all over the world and share the celebration.  


Unlike in the past, under the circumstance that the global beauty industry has been hit hard by the Covid epidemic, every HONKON person takes it as his own responsibility to help customers regroup and make customers realize their dream of the beauty industry. so as to make people all over the world beautiful and affordable.  For the mission, we will provide customers with the most suitable procurement plan, store management plan, employee training plan, terminal card item design and other consulting services.  In this way, our customers can obtain the greatest benefits and contribute to their beauty industry ideals.


 After three days of sleepless service, the celebration finally came to a successful conclusion.  


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our customers for their strong support for this anniversary celebration.  Customers who missed this event, please look forward to other profit-making activities of honkon company in the future, we will release relevant information through our official website, social media and other platforms in a timely manner!


Post time: Aug-02-2022