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How to choose a suitable hair removal device

No matter if you are looking for a laser for your hair removal needed patients or you are helping your clients choosing a suitable device, this article may can give you some guides.
Honkon company has three kinds of this usage device:IPL,808 diode laser and triple wavelength diode laser.
IPL:As we all know this is the most common and traditional device for the hair removal. The advantage of IPL is: functional, not only hair removal but also the skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, acne removal, vascular removal. Honkon IPL like S8C(OPT),S1C+,S1kk etc. Those devices more suitable for a new opening clinic or Aesthetic shop

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808nm diode laser:Well IPL has other sides like the lamp need to change more frequently and the sting feeling during the procudure, more chance to burn the skin especially for the dark skin. for those buyer who mind this much then the 808nm diode laser will be the first choice. Honkon 808nm diode laser has both micro cooling channel and macro cooling channel according to the buyer needs, the power from 300-2400watts which can make more than 80 million shots no problem. It can satisfied the doctors and the hair removal dedicated shop needs. We have 808cute, 808kk, 808CL etc.

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Triple wavelength diode laser:These are the 755nm Alexandrite, 808nm and 1064nm ND:YAG lasers. The Alex 755nm laser is more suitable for lighter skin and the 1064nm is safest for people with darker skin tones. Triple wavelength diode laser fires all three wavelengths at once and is suitable for all different skin types. This means the laser clinic owner doesn’t need to purchase and maintain three different applicators, and the practitioner doesn’t need to switch between applicators for different patients.
Virtually painless laser treatments regardless of skin type and more effective for the different skin layer hair removal. This is the most advanced device for the hair removal. For those market which has huge demand for the hair removal and has not only the black hair but also the white brown hair, tiny hair this is the absolutely best choice. Honkon offers you two models:supreme ice-E, supreme ice-kk.

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Post time: Apr-24-2022