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Slimming personal trainer Customized Ideal Posture

Short Description:

It combines the mono-polar&Bi-polar radio frequency, infrared light, vacuum and mechanical roller. The precise heating of RF ensures safe, effective, fast treatment without downtime. Vacuum and specially designed rollers for mechanical massage smooth the skin to facilitate safe and efficient heat energy delivery. It increases the metabolism of stored energy and lymphatic drainage and reduce or shrinks the size of actual fat cells and fat chambers

Product Detail

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Five Technologies

Roller Mechanical massage
Vacuum negative pressure absorption
Bipolar and unipolar RF
Red and infrared light


Application (1)


Application (2)

Stretch Marks Removal Effectively

Application (3)

Body sculpting and weight loss

Application (4)

Skin tightening and Skin lifting

Application (5)

Increase blood vessel elasticity, relive muscle tension. Promote blood circulation.


1.Luxurious equipment of four particular treatment handles
Fit different parts treatment, projects and demands, easily achieve goals of shaping body and tightening skin
2.Perfect Operation system
Suction intensity, suction frequency, roller speed, IR intensity, RF frequency are adjustable, meet patient’s various demands
3.Real double mono RF system
Adopt Korea 2.64MHZ RF power supply with double monopolar RF system, which can avoid skin burn effectively, RF energy has an effect of concentration on the target tissue (dermis, subcutaneous tissue); slightly pain during treatment; treatment times has been shortened
4.Short operation time
Photoelectric technology activities collagen regeneration. It also make the skin quickly retracted into a perfect body shape. Non-invasive, seamless, takes only 20-30 minutes

Four handles

XF-IX  Bipolar mode makes skin tightening and lifting.It can be used for small area, just like periorbital and perioral etc.
XF-VIII The effort is faster and obvious for skin tightening so that reduce the harm of eyes and head . It can be used for face and neck
XF-VII Mono-polar Biopolar RF Slimming treating result has 2-5 better than normal equipment to make it more comfortable while treating. It can be used for big part just like belly and thigh etc.
XF-VII++ It can eliminate skin burns and bubble making the treatment safer. It can be used for big part just like waist, belly and back etc.


Roller speed:  20R/min
RF frequency 2.64MHZ
RF Power 400W
Negative pressure flow 140L/min
IR wavelength 700-2000nm
IR power 20W
Vacuum intensity -0.09MPa
Vacuum suction intensity: I-VIII adjustable
IR Intensity I-V adjustable
Roller speed I-V adjustable
Package dimension 125*65*65cm
Power supply: AC110-220V, 50-60Hz, Max 3A-6A

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